Take. Back. Control.

The E-Patient Healthcare Guide

An Attorney's Guide to Beat the Healthcare System 

This book explains how he does it, and how you can too.

You’ll Learn:

  • How to "Price-Shop" treatments before you go in for healthcare in order to save big on costs.
  • How to spot expensive billing errors and overcharges with no prior knowledge of medical bill coding.
  • How to negotiate medical bills down before and after treatment.
  • How to request your medical records, win insurance appeals, file complaints, prepare advance directives and more.
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  • This book is very educational and easy to understand. I had no idea you could negotiate medical bills.”

    Sara Mol

  • This book helped me so much! I definitely would recommend this.”


  • My family will be using this as we seek treatment in 2016. Thank you!

    Melissa Milano

  • Double thumps up!”

    Steve Miller

  • Would highly recommend for anyone to read -- we will all need this advice at some point, whether it is when we have medical bills or when we are shopping for health care.”


David J Holt

About the Author

After $100,000+ negotiations, David knew he had to export this information to get it to the end user - the US healthcare consumer and patient.

David Holt ("DJ") is a Biomedical Engineer turned Healthcare Attorney and Entrepreneur.

David co-founded patient advocacy company miVoyce in order to educate and empower individuals on how to navigate their healthcare situation in criticaul patient advocacy environments, rather than hire an attorney.

This business idea spawned out of working with Minnesotans negotiating $100Kmedical bills down so that they would avoid bankruptcy.

David does not sue doctors. In fact, David works with doctors in private practice to create more transparent billing models that ultimately help providers collect more money from patients!